14th March : Si Barron supported by 

 Pete Stearn & Will Southcote

Here's a link to a film of Si performing at The Redcatch Club last year:


Despite the threatening apocalypse those who turned out for Si Barron were not disappointed... an excellent performance as usual from this master-craftsman 

of the folk tradition. 

The spotlight act was Pete Stearn & Will Southcote who were also on good form. Proceedings kicked off with contributions from open mic performers Mark Tapple, Derek Adams and John Blake, who all made quality contributions to what turned out to be a fine evenings entertainment. If you are not on the mailing list do sign up to keep in loop of what's happening in these trying times. 


8th February 2020

Dom Prag 

supported by John Blake

Dom Prag lived up to the high expectations we had of him. He exuded a confident relaxed stage presence while winning over the audience with his distinctive style. He demonstrated exceptional musicianship accompanied by an excellent vocal delivery, gaining new fans in the process. Soon we can expect to pay more money to see the talented Mr Prag. 

The support act was John Blake with songs by Mike Scott and Jake Thackray (with Helen Bonner).

January 11th 2020 

Maaike Siegerist and Jonni Slater 

supported by Darren Hoskins

Maaike and Jonni gave a captivating and enthralling performance, enhanced by the films accompanying their main set. The event was the British premier of this complex and dark performance art piece.

Maaike won the Glastonbury songwriter of the year competition in 2018 and  they continue to enhance their growing reputation as a class act.

The support act was Darren Hoskins with some strange and wonderful tales of love, 'allegedly' based on his own life experience...

December 14th 2019

Blondes with Beards supported by 

The Elton John Experience

After an open mic featuring stories, poems and songs, we were treated to a very rousing performance from Mark Stewart - The Elton John Experience, which got us all on the festive mood. This was followed by an acoustic set from our headline act, Blondes with Beards, who entertained us with harmonies and humour.

November 9th 2019

Anna Ryder with Dora Darling supporting

It was cheering to see a good turn out for the remarkable Anna Ryder last Saturday. Soon into her first set the audience, not quite believing what they were seeing, burst into applause in the middle of a song when she was seen to be playing the accordion and the trumpet simultaneously. This was followed by an engaging performance, rich musicianship, innovation and witty repartee. Yet perhaps the most spectacular bit was her encore, when she played 'Over the Rainbow' on a bicycle pump. We also enjoyed Dora Darling's support act and were encouraged to see many new faces taking part in the open mic.

October 12th 2019

The Bard of Windmill Hill 

with Thornbridge supporting

The show was indeed a treatise for our troubled times, encompassing comedy, history and tragedy; satire, philosophy and social comment

Thornbridge entranced us with their wonderful - mainly unaccompanied -  harmonies.


Maaike and Jonni at Redcatch Club

September 14th 2019  

Jan Vaisey & Ian Harvey and Jim Reynolds & Hilary Pavey  

The autumn season got off to a great start. The open mic performers were The Willbees, George Liddell, Nigel Carson and Tony O'Hare - we enjoyed a very colourful selection of songs and stories. As a change from the usual format, we had a double headliner - first of all Ian Harvey & Jan Vaisey, followed by Jim Reynolds & Hilary Pavey; both acts were on great form bringing us songs old and new, funny and poignant. A really good evening, very well received by the audience.

June 8th 2019 - Jon Buckeridge

Jon Buckeridge presented 'The Forgotten Tales' - 

taking us on a journey that was hilarious, heart-breaking and heroic. He shared four tales, along with songs and music on the guitar, recorder and bodhran. He brought to life characters from all over the British Isles, making each of them live and breathe! 

At the end of the evening, it was hard to remember that there had only been one person on the stage - a real tour-de-force.

The evening was compered by Nigel Carson (who sang an evocative and timely song about the Normandy landings) and the local spotlight act was Derek Adams with his superb Americana guitar playing. A very enjoyable evening.

May 4th 2019 - Keith Donnelly

We had a great evening with Keith Donnelly (seen above on a slightly bigger stage), who entertained us with some fascinating tales, tall and taller, interspersed with a range of songs that were both engaging and thought-provoking. Keith has been described as the funniest thing in folk since the banjo and he certainly lived up to this! Tony O'Hare had set the tone with a sparkling local spotlight set and the open mic included some regulars - Jan & Ian, Guy Hawthorn - plus a couple of new contributors, George Liddel and Alison, who played the whistle. 

April 13th 2019 - Anthony John Clarke

Thanks to Anthony John Clarke for a great show on Saturday. Anthony is a Northern Irish born singer-songwriter, for some time based in Liverpool but now living in Southport. Not only a singer-songwriter but also a highly engaging entertainer, there were some great songs mixed in with the ceaseless banter. To the audience’s delight he included his trademark song "Tuesday Night Is Always Karaoke".

The open mic was graced by, among others, Tony O’Hare from ‘Folk around Fishponds’, who brought the house down with his philosophical revelations and community singing.

Our spotlight act from Southampton, Dom Prag (pronounced Prague) mesmerised the audience, who demanded an encore before Anthony took to the stage. His songs had smooth complexity and driving rhythms. His website claim that he has been taking folk clubs all over the UK by storm is no exaggeration.

March 16th 2019 - S​i Barron

.A great evening with Si Barron -  a very polished performance from one of our local favourites! Si delivered traditional English folk songs with his own special interpretations. He was supported by local spotlight act Maaike Seigerist  and Joni. 

Thanks to Derek Adams, Darren Hoskins, Ian & Jan, Robin Tulloch, John Blake, Lesley and (of course...) The Bard of Windmill Hill for their varied contributions to the open mic.   

Alice Jones, our brilliant headline act, delighted us with her superb musicianship, great singing and wonderful variety of songs and instruments - which included playing herself as a slapper (your read this right). She was very ably supported by our local spotlight act, the new Bristol comedy sensation Bonner and Blake with their captivatingly clever comic creations.

The open mic acts provided a titillating entrée to the main course. Thanks to Maaike Seigerist & Joni, Guy Hawthorn, Ian & Jan, Robin Tulloch, The Willbees, Lesley and Pete Stern & Jeff Gillett for their contributions. In addition to the songs and music, there was also a little contribution from a poet called The Bard of Windmill Hill.  

To see examples of Alice's work visit her website at www.alicejonesmusic.com